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Adopt a Dog

Fetching Tails is committed to placing each pet in our care into the perfect forever home. We strive to match each household with the dog who is right for them, and we work to facilitate an adoption process that is defined by care, compassion, and strong community values.


No Place Like Home

We've been helping rescue dogs find their families for more than a decade.

Join our rescue family today, and experience the joy of welcoming a sweet, wonderful dog into your life.

Meet the pups who are looking for their forever homes. Visit profiles, explore the process, and say hi to your new best bud.

Ready to bring a furry friend home? Please review the requirements, then fill out an application to get the process started.

Adoption Requirements

Wag, Woof, Smile

Adopting a dog is a big commitment. Before sending us an application, make sure you are prepared to provide lots of love and care, and please consider the meaningful responsibilities of pet ownership.

The Adoption Process

Meet Your New Best Friend

Our adoption team wants the best for the dogs we look after - and we want the best for you, too. We review each adoption request carefully, and we work to ensure adopting families find dogs who are good fits for their homes. 


Start an Application

Start by reading the policies and submitting an application. Once we have all your information we will move onto Step 02.


Review & Consultation

After we review your application, we'll follow up with a few questions, and share more details about the pet's history,


Meet & Greet

Next we'll set up a playdate with the dog. If that goes well (and you know you've met your match), we'll move onto the last step.


Bring Your Pup Home

If we're good to go, we'll take you through paperwork, walk you through care, and then help you bring your new buddy home!

How to Adopt


Adoption Donation

When you adopt a dog, you're not buying a pet. Your donation isn't a fee for your adoptee - it's a gift that helps us pursue our mission, save lives, and ensure we can provide care to all the dogs in our program.


  • Senior dog. 8 years and up / $125

  • Adult or Young Dog. 6 months to 7 years / $375

  • Puppies. Under 6 months / $450


Adoption Essentials

  • Lives in 50 mile radius of Itasca within the Illinois border

  • Be at least 21 years of age 

  • Have the knowledge and agreement of all adults living in the household

  • Have approval from owner of the residence  (written in lease)

  • Have a valid ID with current address

  • Be approved as a suitable adoptive home by Fetching Tails Foundation 

  • Be prepared to make a lifetime commitment 

Young happy couple having fun in the for

Our Commitment

Your Partner in Care

Once you've taken your pet home, we're still here for you. We can offer resources for classes, veterinary services, and basic care. And if the adoption is not a perfect fit, we can welcome the dog back into our program, and help them find a home that's better suited for their needs.

Support Us

Be Part of Our Work

Help a rescue dog in need. With you by our side, we can save lives, enrich homes, and build communities defined by care, friendship, and compassion.

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