Auxiliary Board

About the Board

The Next Generation

The Fetching Tails Foundation Auxiliary Board represents the next generation of animal advocates. Engaged and inspiring, this team of dog-loving young professionals supports all of our efforts in canine rescue and community service.

Whether they're planning fundraisers, serving as volunteers, or helping us manage programs, the members of the Auxiliary Board are always pushing us forward. 


Current Membership

Meet the Board

  • Nichole Claude, President

  • Kristina Wos

  • Jamie Prather

  • Emily Jamieson

  • Bethany Erickson

  • Sarah Ruhl

  • Brandon Ruhl

  • Jackie Williams

  • Katy Somerfield

  • Kristine Gadas

  • Vanessa Erfort

  • Lindsay Latsko

  • Justin Look

  • Melanie Giovannelli

  • Elizabeth Romer

Be Part of Our Work

Support the Board

The Auxiliary Board is always happy to connect with fellow dog lovers. There are numerous opportunities to contribute to the board's efforts: you can sponsor an event, sit on a planning committee, serve as a volunteer, or apply to join the board itself. If you're enthusiastic about supporting our work, we urge you to reach out and tell us how you'd like to get involved.

Auxiliary Board Events

Bringing Community Together

The Auxiliary Board's calendar of events are active, fun, and memorable. Energetic and inclusive, these lively affairs introduce new communities to our mission and help raise funds in support of rescue programming.

Support Our Work

Fetching Tails enriches our community through a mix of rescue efforts and public programs. We are committed to saving animals from intake shelters, and to helping dogs find families who will ensure they enjoy vibrant, full lives.