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Adopt a Senior and Enjoy the Love!

Fetching Tails rescues dogs without regard to breed, physical ability, or age. But we admit to having a very special place in our hearts for the senior dogs we rescue. Some come to us after their owners have died; others are relinquished simply because they are “too old,” or have medical issues. Regardless of their back stories, we see the gratitude in their eyes when they arrive at the Haven Hut or one of our foster homes and are given a soft bed to curl up on and yummy treats to munch. They know they’re finally safe and loved.

(Pictured here Straya)

Of the 126 dogs rescued by FTF so far this year, 14 are aged 8+ years. Seniors frequently need extra veterinary attention to confirm they’re healthy enough for adoption. Our elder dogs get a complete blood panel, and other diagnostic testing and treatment, including dentistry, is often needed as well. Some of the dogs require medications and/or special foods and supplements. Because the $125 adoption fee for seniors only partly covers our costs, donations and grants are especially important for these dogs—second only to finding them loving forever families.

These are our adoptable seniors. Can you make room in your heart and home for one of them (see their bios for full information)?

Shelley (12 years) has kidney disease and will need prescription food for life. She loves (!!!) children and needs to be an only dog.

Shallow (almost 8 years) has mild arthritis but no other medical issues. Although relatively low-energy, she enjoys walks and playing in the lake. She needs to be an only dog.

Straya (8 years) is the most recent addition to our FTF crew after her owner passed away. She is a bit overweight and needs a home without many stairs, but she makes fast friends with kids, doggies, and even kitty cats!

Maye (11 years) has arthritis and needs pain meds and joint supplements. She is a volunteer favorite who adores attention and wants to be your BFF.

Lilly Rae (8 years) has mild arthritis (joint supplements help) but she never lets that get in the way of her having a good time. She has a very happy personality and enjoys playing with other dogs.

In addition to these 5 sweethearts, Muffin Cakes, a silly and spunky 8-year-old poodle mix, will soon be available for adoption. Muffin has diabetes and anemia and will require insulin, an iron supplement and prescription food for the rest of her life. Our handsome Rexy and lovely Lady Mae are currently enjoying their time in their fosters homes after recent cancer diagnoses. They both will enjoy a lives filled with love, attention, toys, treats, and medical care to keep them comfortable.

So, if you’re thinking of adding a new member to your family, please don’t overlook our seniors; even though they might have some additional medical needs, they have a lifetime of love to give to the lucky families who welcome them home. And if you can’t adopt right now, consider making a donation to FTF to help fund the care of these Golden Girls and Boys!

Donate HERE

To Adopt A senior click Here

Thank you to Petco Love for a lifesaving investment in our organization to help us provide veterinary care to our senior dogs!

Written by: Michele G

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