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Indoor Winter Activities for Dogs

Like humans, dogs should be kept inside during cold winter days. Even dogs with a thick or long coat are still at risk for frostbite or hypothermia. It can be tough to find ways for your outdoorsy pups to burn their energy in this weather, but here are some fun tips and ideas that our adoptable dogs love.

Take your dog for a very short walk or bathroom break then do a fun indoor activity to get your dog thinking! Brain games can tire a dog out just as much as a long walk or romp in the yard. Make sure to monitor your dog at all times during these activities.

A snuffle mat is a fun DIY project or you can buy a premade one. Snuffle mats allow your dog to engage their amazing sense of smell to search for treats or kibble. Here is a great guide to see the steps on how to make your own snuffle mat for your furry friend:

(Adoptable Moon Pie enjoying snuffle time!)

Another indoor activity is to have your dog create their own artwork - fun for your dog and a lovely accent piece for your home!

Step 1: Put a small square canvas with different color paints in a large zip lock bag

Step 2: Spread peanut butter on the outside of the zip lock bag

Step 3: Let your dog get creative and make a masterpiece by licking the peanut butter

Other options are to buy a dog food puzzle or a Kong. They come in different sizes and difficulty levels.

No matter what you choose, there are so many fun ways to keep your dog active and safe from extreme weather during these cold winter days with indoor activities!

(Adoptable Cali, Sol, and Grizzly Bear enjoyed this activity)

Written by: Lauren T

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