Rescue Readers

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Tails to Tell

Rescue Readers helps young children and rescue dogs develop important personal skills. A joint effort co-managed by Fetching Tails and local educators, this heart-warming program sees young students visit our dogs - and read to them.

Completely supervised and totally safe (all dogs are leashed and children are monitored), this program helps students develop their social skills, overcome shyness, and become more comfortable with reading.  As for the dogs: they not only benefit from the attention, they also become more comfortable in social environments, and learn more about interacting with children (they also just love stories).

Volunteer Applications

Be a Rescue Reader

Want your household to be part of Rescue Readers? Share some information with us and tell us when you'd like to stop by. We'll follow up with a call and some information and get you on your way to furry storytime.

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