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Our People



Volunteer Coordinator

Amelia grew up with dogs in her family and has always held a soft spot for them. After completing graduate school, she and her dad signed up as walkers to give back and spend time together volunteering. Since beginning with FTF in February 2020, Amelia has been eager to get involved and became a Hut lead and now the Volunteer Coordinator.

When not involved in rescue, Amelia is close with her family, spends quality time with her boyfriend and cockapoo, Simba, and has recently rediscovered her love of reading. Her goal for this year is to read over a hundred books and is excited to keep building her library.

Fun Furry Fact

Amelia is inspired to get involved by seeing how many dogs just need a second chance and someone to say yes to helping them. Her own dog, Simba, was being re-homed by someone who was moving and couldn't take him with. It was the best decision she ever made. She has gotten her family on board to help save more dogs, too. Not only does her dad walk dogs weekly, but her brother is also a foster.

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