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Super Seniors Awaiting Their Second Act

In celebration of Adopt A Senior Pet month, FTF is encouraging everyone looking to add a furry friend to their family to consider our older dogs. Many of the senior pooches we rescue were surrendered because of economic hardship or major life changes, such as divorce, a new baby, or relocation. Others were cherished companions of elderly people who died or moved to assisted living facilities that don’t allow pets. Finally, some of our senior dogs were found wandering the streets or were removed by animal control because of neglect and harmful living conditions. Regardless of the reason, our seniors are affectionate companions who have simply fallen on hard times.

Adoptable Shallow

Here are just a few of the benefits of adopting a canine senior citizen:

  • He/she will usually be less rambunctious and more laid back and mellow than a younger dog. Regular exercise is still needed, of course, but an older dog tends to be content to take life at a slower pace and spend quality time in your lap or by your side on the couch.

  • He/she is a great fit for people with busy lifestyles, requiring less time and supervision than a young pup.

  • He/she is often potty-trained, has good house manners, and is far less likely to be a destructive chewer (how great is that?).

  • What you see is what you get. From the outset, you’ll know his/her personality, behavior, full-grown size, and grooming needs.

  • He/she will be so grateful to be given a second chance. A senior dog is eager to bond, loyal, and very appreciative of a safe home, cuddle time, special treats, and most of all–your love.

Adoptable Muffin Cakes

Senior dogs are often overlooked because people think it will be too sad to adopt one. But bringing a senior into your life may mean years of companionship and fun. Here’s what some of our adopters report:

Teresa (adopted Earl): My fiancé and I adopted 9-year-old Earl in June 2020. He makes us happier than we could’ve ever imagined. Earl is the goofiest boy but also so calm and loving. We will now only adopt senior dogs, as they still have so much life to live and bring so much love to our lives.

Jacqui (adopted Benson): Benson, now aged 12 years, is the light of our lives and my #1 guy (my husband has finally come to terms with this). Bensy is the most sassy, sweet, and opinionated little love!

Margo (adopted Mr. Sampson): We adopted Mr. Sampson in 2018, when he was 10 years old. He truly is the best dog we’ve ever had. He loves his walks and runs and is a total cuddlebug. He’s also quite playful. If you are busy and ignore him, he grabs a toy and runs around until you agree it’s playtime. Mr. Sampson is such a sweet, kind little man.

Sharon (adopted Lucy): Lucy (formerly Alanna) was 8 years old when we adopted her. We quickly learned that seniors still have a lot of love to give. Lucy was a wonderful dog, and though she has passed away, we miss her every day!

Laure (adopted Kasper): I’m a sucker for seniors and Siberian huskies. So when I read about 12-year-old Kasper on the FTF website in early 2020, his story tugged at my heart. Recently surrendered by his family, his eyes told me he hadn’t yet given up hope. Kasper was scheduled for surgery immediately after his rescue, and unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer. While I knew he might only have a matter of months to live, I also knew we could provide lots of love and a soft bed during his final days. It turned out that Kasper had other plans, however—apparently no one told him he was old and sick. He loves going on walks, climbs stairs with ease, steals Kongs from his brother, and sings “woo-woos” to me at every meal (always insisting on treats afterwards). I can’t imagine not having given Kasper a second chance, because I knew his story was not yet complete.

Vickie (adopted Pearly): I saved 8-year-old Pearly and she saved me! Pearly is a great dog, she is very loving and is always by my side, and when I ask her if she loves me her tail goes crazy. We were blessed to find each other.

Bonnie (adopted Elmer): As a lifelong companion animal mom, I decided a few years ago that I was only going to adopt seniors from here on. At the end of 2019, I found myself without a pet for the first time in 16 years, and the loneliness was unbearable. I spotted 12-year-old Elmer on Petfinder and just knew he was meant to be mine. This sweet, blind, chunky senior has made my life complete again.

Richard (adopted Teddy and Cleo): Being seniors ourselves, my wife and I adopted 2 blind and deaf 12-year-old dogs—Teddy (formerly Reo, RIP) and Cleo. Because of them, I feel blessed each day.

As you can see from these comments, love has no expiration date. So if you’re ready to open your heart and home to one of our adoptable seniors, please fill out an application ASAP. Our older guys and gals are waiting to meet you!

Written By: Michele G.

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