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Dogs to Foster

Meet the Pups

Live, Love, Bark, Wag

Foster homes help rescue dogs and develop the skills they need to enjoy life with a family. Dedicated and patient, families that serve as fosters are among our most important volunteers, and they demonstrate a remarkable commitment to animal welfare,

Click the images below to meet the dogs currently in need of care, and if you'd like to join our foster family, please get started by submitting an application.

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Fostering Includes

We provide everything your foster dog needs.


  • Supplies: Crate, dog bowls, food and treats, toys, dog bed, leash, collar, and harness.


  • Medical Care: All necessary vet appointments, medications and treatments needed, preventatives for heartworm, and flea/tick.


  • Support: Every foster family gets matched with a foster buddy. This go-to resource offers support, helps with questions, and provides you with assistance.


  • Training. Foster families have access to training and classes for their foster dog. 


Fostering Requirements

  • Be at least 21 years of age

  • Have the consent of all adults living in the household

  • Have approval from the residence owner

  • Have valid ID with current address

  • Must fill out the application below

  • Be approved by Fetching Tails  Foundation as a suitable foster home

  • Must live in the Chicagoland area

  • Be comfortable facilitating the animal’s adoption.  Details are explained in a Foster Packet given to all new foster homes.

What to Expect

  Fun, Fur, Family  


Apply to Foster

Change a Life

Ready to experience the joy of fostering? Our humane program is managed through a thoughtful, structured support system. We work hard to help you succeed, and we strive to provide a framework that is defined by comfort, care, and compassion.

Support Us

Be Part of Our Work

Make an impact in the life of a rescue dog. With your help, we can save lives, enrich homes, and build communities defined by care, friendship, and compassion.

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