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About Us

Fetching Tails Foundation is a community-minded animal rescue based in Itasca, Illinois. Driven by our commitment to humane practices, we work to take vulnerable pets out of shelters and place them in homes that are warm, compassionate, and caring.

Family close-up portrait - parents, thei
Image by Marliese Streefland

Vision & Values

We are committed to giving every animal a chance at a rich, full life.

Guided by a deep well of care, we build programs that save lives, enrich communities, and promote responsible pet ownership.

Our Story

Once Upon a Wag

Fetching Tails started when a group of volunteer advocates resolved to Do More.

What began in a suburban dining room as a modest neighborhood effort quickly grew into a respected community organization dedicated to the promotion of animal life and companionship.

Our Events

Party Animals Only

Help support our animal rescue efforts by attending a Fetching Tails event. Festive and celebratory, these fun-filled get togethers raise money, awareness, and spirits.

Whether you're competing in a family-friendly 5K or toasting to animal welfare at our gala, at the end of the day, you're saving lives and helping families experience the joy of canine companionship.

With your help, we've provided veterinary care to over 3,000 rescues.

Every year, we help hundreds of dogs find their new forever homes.

We work with a dedicated community of local leaders, volunteers, and medical professionals to support animal welfare.


Working together, we've helped save and rehome more than 3,000 rescue dogs.


Active Supporters

We help every dog we work with, regardless of age, breed, or physical ability.


Ears Scratched

Our Finances

Responsible Strategy

Fetching Tails is proud to have raised millions of dollars in support of animal rescue and welfare. More important than raising money, though, is what we do with it.

​We invest strategically in high-value rescue efforts, strong partnerships, and educational community programs. As we grow and expand we remain focused on holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of transparency, integrity, and operational efficiency.

Our Yearly Impact: 2021

The Lives We Touch

Every month we share our lifesaving statistics with the collaborative initiative Shelter Animals Count. A collaborative effort between hundreds of rescue organizations, our shared goal is to measure progress in animal welfare, inspire collaboration among shelters and rescue groups, and have a positive impact on pet homelessness.

Girl Hugging her Dog

Diversity and Inclusion

Our Welcoming Approach

The Fetching Tails community is committed to the promotion of equitable treatment and the elimination of discrimination in animal adoptions. We believe each person deserves the opportunity to welcome one of our unique four-legged friends into their lives, and we encourage every household to “shine bright” and embrace their unique personalities (meaning: be who you are; there's a dog out there who's going to be perfect for your lifestyle). 


Just like dogs, we don’t discriminate between race, ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, education, marital status, language, or physical appearance. We welcome a diversity of ideas, thoughts, perspectives, and values.

You do have to be passionate about dogs though. That's a must.

Our Team

Must Love Dogs

Fetching Tails is powered by a dynamic staff, dedicated board members, and a passionate network of volunteers. Explore our network, and find out how you can be part of our community.

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