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Our Mission

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Committed to Community

Our Values & Vision

Fetching Tails Foundation works to give vulnerable, homeless dogs new leases on life. Our work is defined by humane practices and an iron-clad value set rooted in care and compassion.

Unyielding in our commitment, we strengthen our community by supporting animal welfare, promoting rescue, and by developing programs that facilitate adoption and end the killing of companion animals.

Our Yearly Impact: 2021

The Lives We Touch

Every month we share our lifesaving statistics with the collaborative initiative Shelter Animals Count. A collaborative effort between hundreds of rescue organizations, our shared goal is to measure progress in animal welfare, inspire collaboration among shelters and rescue groups, and have a positive impact on pet homelessness.

We help every dog we work with, regardless of age, breed, or physical ability.

With your support, we've helped more than 3,000 rescue dogs find their new forever homes.

Get Involved

Support Animal Rescues

Make an impact in the life of a dog in need. With your help, we can save lives, enrich homes, and build communities defined by care, friendship, and compassion.

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