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Our Story

Our History

Once Upon a Tail

Fetching Tails Foundation started when a group of long-time animal advocates in Itasca, Illinois resolved to improve their community's approach to canine welfare. The goals were simple: to promote adoption through fostering, to care for neglected animals, and to save vulnerable dogs from shelters.


Their small grassroots effort soon formalized, and Fetching Tails quickly became a respected and admired member of the Itasca community. Recognized for our collaborative approach to programming and education, Fetching Tails is proud to play an active role in the protection and care of animals in need.


The Foundation Today

The Work Continues

Today, Fetching Tails facilitates more than 500 dog adoptions every year. We provide rescue animals with first-rate medical care, ensure they are supported in foster homes, and pursue a range of programs that allow us to push our mission forward.

Our Future

Be Part of What's Next

Rescue animals deserve a bright future - and Fetching Tails is determined to give it to them. With your help, we can take dogs out of shelters, provide care, and give every dog in need the opportunity to experience a life of love and compassion.

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