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Let's Build a Haven for Our Furry Friends!

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More Lives Saved

The new facility more than doubles the previous space we had to shelter our newest rescues, from about 1,800 square feet to now 5,000 square feet! Of all the new amenities, the most important is that we now have 13 cage-free suites to provide comfy, cozy beds for dogs in need - up from 5 at our previous facility.

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More Room For Fun

At our previous facility, we had one indoor play park and would have to rotate dogs so everyone got equal playtime. Our new facility will have THREE indoor play parks and THREE fenced outdoor areas for our dogs to enjoy! That means lots of room to run for our dog-friendly dogs, and extra space to allow our more introverted dogs (who only want to play with their human pals) to have their own fun-time, too! Many dogs come to us unsure about leashes, having never been walked before. The outdoor parks will give us time to work on their leash skills while still having access to fresh air and the great outdoors in a safer environment.

Building Our Community

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We previously had a small lobby space at our facility, but it was most frequently used as a back-up play area for our introverted dogs. Our new facility has an extra large welcome area where we can host meet & greets between dogs and potential fosters/adopters, process adoptions, and hold meetings and events with our volunteers. There will also be a dedicated room in the welcome area for processing intakes of new animals, where we can provide each dog with their first collar, harness, leash, and ID tag.

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Fundraising Opportunities

To help make our facility dreams into reality, we have a number of ways you can help with a generous donation to support our mission.

Each area of our facility is of supreme importance to our rescue, and you can sponsor one of the rooms. Each sponsorship will be recognized in our building with a creative plaque referencing the donor/sponsor. Available sponsorships include:

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Grooming Room

$2,500: When new dogs arrive to FTF, their first stop is the tub to get a bubble bath and fresh start to their new lives. Our new grooming room will need a wash station, waterproof flooring, and ceiling tiles. (1 sponsorship available) SPONSORED by Kim Neuberg

$2,000: provide a brand new Kuranda Chew-Proof bed, stainless steel elevated bowls attached to walls, and repairs of the suite (13 sponsorships available)

Dog Suite

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Laundry Room

$5,000: We go through a lot of towels, blankets, and dog sweaters every week, and we previously had to take everything to a laundromat. This sponsorship will help provide a new washer and dryer, utility sink, waterproof flooring, and ceiling tiles (1 sponsorship available) SPONSORED by Carly Perez

Welcome Room

$5,000: Our forward-facing gathering space, the Welcome Room is an area where we can greet applicants to our facility and to do pet meet-and-greets, process adoptions, and have volunteer meetings. Help us make this space cheerful and comfortable for our FTF family! (1 sponsorship available) SPONSORED by Garry & Michele Grygotis. In honor of FTF rescue Callie.

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Safety Repairs

$10,000: Our new facility has the layout we desired, but as with most building purchases, we have some updates and repairs to make. You can assist with repairing damaged walls, windows, and doors; new fencing for our outdoor parks; fresh paint throughout the entire facility; and fixing the garage door to keep our transport van safe from the elements. (1 sponsorship available)

Roof Over Our Heads

$30,000: All dogs deserve a roof over their heads in a loving home. Our facility has an aging roof, and a fresh start means a new roof to provide our dogs with the very best that they deserve! (1 sponsorship available)

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Donate Today!

Writing a Check? Send to:

Fetching Tails Foundation
Po Box 463
Itasca, IL 60143

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Special Offer

$50 donation Custom In Memory/In Honor Arcylic Art Display that will be displayed here at our facility.

Once we receive your donation, a volunteer will be in contact via email on what you would like it to say.

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