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Foster a Dog

Our foster community plays a critical role in our rescue work. Foster families provide a stepping stone between shelters and a pet's forever home - they provide dogs with a warm, loving environment to recover and grow, and give them the support they need to enjoy life with a family.

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Save a Life, Change Your Life

Inviting a dog into your home for short-term care is an incredible and selfless act.

Though the experience may only last a few weeks, it is a remarkable gift - and its impact will last a lifetime.

The Foster Process

Bring a Buddy Home

Fetching Tails partners with foster families who share our enthusiasm for animal welfare. We evaluate applicants thoughtfully, and work to identify foster homes that are open-minded, patient, and supportive.


Start an Application

Begin your path to fostering by answering a few simple questions. Once we have some info we'll follow up with a brief interview.


Connect With Us

Once we connect, our foster coordinator will walk you through the program, discuss the experience, and go over expectations.


Home Check

Before you're approved we'll conduct a home visit and make sure your space is well suited to support the needs of a foster dog.


Foster Placement

Once you're matched with a dog our partnership deepens. We'll provide access to resources, medical care, and support.

Foster Resources

Plan for Paws

The best foster homes are the most prepared foster homes. Before you welcome your new furry friend into your life we recommend a healthy dose of planning. Explore our collection of references to find local resources, and to learn more about the foster experience.

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What to Expect

Fun, Fur, Family

We provide you with all the help you need for the duration of your foster tenure. Our team offers on-going support, and we work hard to ensure you and the dog enjoy all the benefits of the foster experience. 

How to Foster


Fostering Includes

We provide everything your foster dog needs.


Supplies: Crate, dog bowls, food and treats, toys, dog bed, leash, collar, and harness.


Medical Care: All necessary vet appointments, medications and treatments needed, and heartworm and flea/tick preventatives.


Support: Every foster family gets matched with a foster buddy. This go-to resource offers support, helps with questions, and provides you with assistance.


Training. Foster families have access to training and classes for their foster dog.


Fostering Requirements

  • Be at least 21 years of age

  • Have the consent of all adults living in the household

  • Have approval from the residence owner

  • Have valid ID with current address

  • Must fill out the application below

  • Be approved by Fetching Tails  Foundation as a suitable foster home

  • Must live within 50 miles of Fetching Tails / in the Chicagoland area

  • Be comfortable facilitating the animal’s adoption.  Details are explained in a Foster Packet given to all new foster homes.

Support Us

Be Part of Our Work

Help a rescue dog in need. With you by our side, we can save lives, enrich homes, and build communities defined by care, friendship, and compassion.

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