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About Finances

Our Impact

Sustainable Strategy

Since opening our doors in 2015, Fetching Tails has raised millions of dollars in support of animal rescue. We're proud to enjoy the support of an energized and engaged community, and we're committed to honoring their trust through the highest degree of fiscal responsibility.  

We fund programs thoughtfully and critically and work hard to direct our resources where they are needed most: on animal care and services. Driven and determined, we remain focused on expanding our reach, and on operating with accountability and transparency. 

Our Reports

Where Your Gift Goes

We work to balance our day-to-day impact with long-term sustainability. Considerate and conscientious, we support a culture of continuous improvement and are always exploring new approaches that maximize our impact.

Support & Revenue

Approximately $335,239/ year

Every milestone we reach, every home we enrich, and every life we rescue is possible because of you.

  • 50%  //  Individual Contributions

  • 20%  //  Volunteer-Driven Events

  • 22%  //  Adoption Gifts

  • 08%  //  Grants

Functional Expenses

Approximately $336,571/ year

With your help, we direct more than 80% of all gifts directly to animal welfare, housing, and rescue efforts.

  • 46%  //  Veterinary & Health Services

  • 2%  // Rescue Services

  • 8%  //  Fundraising & Advocacy

  • 44%  //  Administrative & Operations



Transparency & Trust

Fetching Tails Foundation has been awarded the highest level of recognition Candid offers. An acknowledged leader in the nonprofit sector, Goldstar helps the social sector tackle the critical challenges and opportunities of our time

Support Us

You Make the Difference

Make an impact in the life of a rescue dog. With your help, we can save lives, enrich homes, and build communities defined by care, friendship, and compassion.

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