Foster F.A.Q.

Can I become a foster with kids or while owning other animals?

Yes! We cannot always cat test dogs before coming to us but we do hold cat testing once to twice a month. We are unable to test dogs with kids prior to them coming to us.

Can i foster if i foster with another rescue?

Of course you can! We just ask that you do not foster a FTF dog with a dog from another rescue and vice verse.

What should I do if my foster dog gets sick?

Please contact your foster buddy right away! If they do not answer the call, please send a text message and inform them of what is happening, in as much detail as possible.

Do not take your dog to the vet, or contact our veterinary partners, without prior permission. If your buddy does not answer, please contact our Foster Cooridnator.

What should I do if my foster dog gets out/lost?

Please contact your foster buddy right away! If they do not answer the call, please send a text message and inform them of when, where and how they got out. Include when was the last time you saw them. If your buddy does not answer, please contact our Foster Coordinator. Once the contacts have been made to FTF, contact the local police and inform them the dog is missing and then go and search for the dog. Please keep your phone on you and keep us informed of any updates. Volunteers will come out and help.

What if my dog/cat/pet and foster do not get along?

Separate right away. Then contact your foster buddy and they will give you advice on what to do. If needed, we will attempt to find another foster but that may take days to weeks as our facility is usually full.

Does FTF provide dog walkers or daycare for foster dogs?

FTF does not provide walking services or daycare for any foster dogs.

What if I need to go out of town while I’m fostering?

Let your foster buddy know, and they will let the foster coordinator know. They will either arrange for your foster pup to stay with a temporary foster, or at our Hut facility. Please let us know at least one week ahead of time to ensure arrangements can be made.

If you find other arrangements on your own, please let us know so that we can get the proper paperwork filled out. Once this is done, that person will be able to pup sit any time with any foster.

I know FTF provides me with all basic supplies but what do I do if I need more, or something specific, that wasn’t provided?

Contact your foster buddy with what you need, and they will let our Hut leads know. Your buddy will let you know when the supplies are ready, or if we do/do not have the requested supplies. If we do not have the request, we MAY be able to get the supplies.

How long will I have a foster for?

It really depends on the dog and public, there is no set time frame for this. You will have a dog for at least 7 - 10 days to make sure they are healthy. We have had foster have their fosters from seven days to two years.

My foster dog could use some training, is that an option?

Yes! We post training classes that you can attend weekly in our Facebook group.

Can I adopt my foster?

You can! We just ask that you let us know within the first 2 weeks of having the dog. As soon as you have any feeling about possibly adopting, let your foster buddy know.

Will my dog go to adoption events?

We will post weekly when adoption events happen and will ask if your foster is available to attend. Please note at this time adoption shows are not happening due to Covid.

What if I cannot stay, or need transport for my foster to shows?

A handler/transport can be requested, when needed. When the post is made, you will let our Adoption Show Coordinator know your request. We encourage dogs to come to the adoption shows.

Please note at this time adoption shows are not happening due to Covid.

Will my dog get adopted at an event?

Only if the adoption is scheduled before the event. The meet and greet with everyone in the home and the home check need to be done before the adoption.

Please note at this time adoption shows are not happening due to Covid.

What is the application/adoption process?

  • Reach out to applications within 48 hours of receiving. CC YOUR FOSTER BUDDY ON ALL EMAILS
    • This is a great time to notify the applicants of any medical issue
    • If the applicant replies and did not reply all, make sure to add your buddy back in.
    • Meets can start as soon as the dog receives their first round of shots. It is okay to do meets before the spay/neuter is scheduled.
    • If there is another dog, please be careful!
    • If you are not moving forward with the application, please let them know
  • Meet and greets MUST be done if you move forward with the applicant(s).
    • Initial meets with another dog should be done on neutral grounds, and on leash.
    • Meets can be done OUTSIDE of the Hut.
    • Please let your buddies know if, and where, a meet is being done.
    • If you are uncomfortable doing your own meets at this time, please let your buddy know. They can help or will ask another volunteer to help.
  • Once the meets are complete, a VIRTUAL home check is done.
    • This can be done via Facetime, Google hangouts, zoom or Facebook messenger - No photos, must be live. If you do not know how to do this, your buddy can help.
    • If you are uncomfortable doing your own home checks at this time, please let your buddy know. They can help or will ask another volunteer to help.

  • Contact vet (if one is listed and they have had pets) and references.
  • Set up a time and place for the adoption.
    • You can do this with your foster buddy, or post in the Facebook group.
    • Please ask for multiple days and times, as not everyone is not always available at one time.
    • Petsmart off Barrington Rd in Schaumburg, Petco in Wood Dale, and outside the Hut in Wood Dale are all available locations for adoptions.
    • Inform the adopters of any medical issues before the adoption


What does the adopter need to bring to the adoption?

  1. ID with current address
    1. if address is different, bring a piece of mail.
  2. CASH OR CHECK- no exceptions.
    1. Adoption cannot be processed if no payment.
  3. LEASH AND COLLAR, and a harness, if they have it.

Will I have to do this whole process alone?

Nope! Everyone is assigned a foster buddy, and we have a Facebook group to help you, as well.

Do I need to worry about my pets catching an illness?

(Q)Is fostering a Heartworm positive dog contagious to my own pet? (A)Heartworm disease is not contagious between pets - it is only spread through the bite of a mosquito. We still recommend your pet should be on heartworm and flea/tick preventatives for their own protection from bugs that can spread disease/parasites, but your pet will be safe with a HW positive foster friend. (Q)Is fostering a dog with a positive fecal something my own pet will catch? Do I need to bring in a fecal everytime I foster a dog? (A)Fecals positive for parasites are common in rescue since so many dogs have been on their own, eating and drinking whatever they could find. As long as you take safety precautions such as quickly cleaning up when your foster does his/her business, washing your hands well after handling fecal matter, and making sure your pet doesn't eat their foster friend’s doo-doo, your pet should be fine! (Q)If I foster a dog that has kennel cough will my dog catch it or what precautions should I take? (A)The bordetella vaccine helps prevent kennel cough, and it is typically recommended for dogs that interact with other pups from outside their household (for example, dogs who attend daycare, doggie parks, or boarding); we suggest talking to your vet about providing your pet with the vaccine prior to fostering. Kennel cough is contagious between dogs like the common cold is with humans - in addition to the bordetella vaccine, other precautions you can take include what you would do with humans who have the sniffles: separating your foster from your pet while they are on antibiotics, and practicing good hygiene by cleaning surfaces, and washing your hands frequently especially after interacting with your foster.


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