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Ways to Give

When you give a gift to Fetching Tails, you impact the lives of rescue dogs and families all across the country. Your generosity allows us to create free public enrichment programs, develop community resources, and provide care for hundreds of animals in need of love and support.

You Make the Difference

Fetching Tails works tirelessly to save lives, strengthen communities, and improve the state of animal welfare.

Give a gift today, and help us build a community of care, commitment, and compassion.

Take action today, and help us provide rescue dogs with food, shelter, love, and care.

Be part of our progress. Improve the lives of rescue dogs, and help support our efforts in animal care.   

Make your generosity go further by pairing your donation with a gift from your employer.

Corporate Giving

Be a Best Friend

Fetching Tails works with corporate leaders and civic-minded businesses to create resources for dogs in need.


Our industry partners demonstrate remarkable civic spirit, and they are determined to support the health and safety of rescue animals.

Your passion saves lives.

Your heart builds families. You make the difference.

We work with a dedicated community of local leaders, volunteers, and medical professionals to support animal welfare. 


Working together, we've helped save and rehome more than 2,000 rescue dogs.

Every year, we help more than 500 dogs find their new forever homes.


Ears Scratched

We help every dog we work with, regardless of age, breed, or physical ability.


Active Supporters

Our Events

Let the Dogs Out

Play a part in the work of the Fetching Tails Foundation. Join us at a community event, and help raise much-needed funds for public services, animal care, and educational programming.

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