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Meet Bef!

This past week we got a call from our city shelter with an emergency. A puppy was in need of immediate help!

Bef, an 8 week old Malinois, came to us with a prolapsed rectum. She'd been having a rough time keeping foods down, and making bowel movements. Thanks to our donors and the quick action of Fetching Tails Foundation, Bef is slowly but surely on the mend!

Bef will be on medical hold for a few more weeks until she is fully recovered and adoptable, so we won't be accepting any applications for the time being.

As soon as Bef is up to visitors, we will be seeking a home with breed experience. We feel this gives owner and dog the best push towards showcasing talents and socializing into her best dog self! If you've got breed experience, and would like to love on this little girl, please keep watching our profiles for her proper introduction!

Last, but not least, we want to thank our monthly donors and everyone who supported our virtual gala! Your $10 donation or purchase of a raffle ticket is saving lives just like Bef.

Without the promise made by our monthly members and supporters, we couldn't take chances on little souls like her!

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