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Stereotypes Hurt

We want to share a tale (pun intended) with you today to illustrate why rescuing and adopting dogs is so important. There are a few common things folks find to be barriers to adoption that really shouldn't be. One of the worst? Behavioral Issues.

As an organization that does everything we can to save ALL the dogs, the best thing Fetching Tails Foundation can do is educate.

While walking my 3 year old Golden Retriever, Norman - a Fetching Tails Foundation adoption - a couple with a pup of their own stopped to chat. They told me how they purchased their Labrador retriever from a breeder. I couldn't help but notice how similar she looked to puppies we rescue all the time. I told them that I wish I knew what Norman looked like as a puppy. When they asked how I found Norman, I told them I adopted him at 8 months old.

The first question they had was "he has no behavioral issues?"

(Fetching Tails Foundation Alumni Huk - now Norman - doing therapy work!)

This is a very damaging stereotype. All rescue dogs DO NOT come with behavioral issues. Any dog from a pet store, breeder, or rescue dog can come with quirks. Each dog is an individual. Norman was surrendered for having too much energy and no time for training. He is now a registered therapy dog and blood donor for other dogs needing a life-saving blood transfusion. Every person should be so lucky to have a rescue like Norman.

Surrendering a dog is a decision made by a human. Humans can be selfish and mean. Humans can pass away, be forced to move somewhere dogs are not accepted, or not be able to financially support a dog's needs. There are a lot of reasons that dogs are surrendered that leave our furry friends craving your love and approval. Give them a chance before buying from breeder or pet store.

Check our Fetching Tails Foundation profiles for your next best friend.

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