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Our People




Linda is the President and a Co-Founder of Fetching Tails Foundation. Linda has been in the animal rescue world for more than fifteen years. She eats, sleeps, and breathes rescue. She was introduced to the rescue world by chance when she found a Rottweiler tied to a pole in a park.  That dog, Rocky, went on to become a part of the family and has inspired her throughout the years to continue on with her passion. Linda is married with two children and one furbaby named Wellington.  She has had many types of dogs, including Pekingese, Irish Setter, Dalmatian, Rottweiler, and Pitbull mixes.

Linda truly enjoys spending every minute doing things for the dogs, but when she does get a little free time she enjoys baking, spending time with her kids, going out to eat with her husband, and relaxing on their boat in the summers.

Fun Furry Fact

Linda was named a Remarkable Woman and featured in the Chicago Tribune for all of her rescue efforts and accomplishments in early 2015.

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