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A Day in the Life: Foster Fun with Fella

We here at Fetching Tails often provide snapshots of our adoptable dogs enjoying their time in rescue, but do you find yourself wondering what the day-to-day is really like? In short, for Fella: lots of fun! Friendly Fella has been searching for a forever home for a while now, and is a poster doggie for how a loving foster home can help a rescue dog blossom. He is the ultimate play hard/cuddle hard lovable goofball - take a peek at A Day in the Life of Fella!

MORNING: Should I let them know that it’s time to rise and shine? Should I wait? How about now? Just wait ... Be patient ... Be a good Fella. Oh! There’s the alarm, they’re awake! And in just a few moments, they’ll be down here to greet me. With uncontrollable force, I feel the tail start to wag at record speed, and I can barely contain my excitement. It’s time to start a brand new day!

I know the routine: Potty first, then breakfast, and then another potty break once the digestive system kicks into gear! I am crate trained, but don’t really need to be crated anymore because I've mastered good house manners. After we complete our morning routine, I’ll catch just a few more Zzz’s on the couch during a late-morning nap.

AFTERNOON: After my morning nap, I know that my favorite time of day is right around the corner: A rigorous play session with my canine foster bro, Neville, in the backyard. We tend to get a little too loud while foster dad works from home, and we’ve even been known to get cases of contagious zoomies, so we’re usually kept separated during the day. But, during our lunchtime play session ... anything goes! Once I’ve burned off some energy, I relax and sunbathe on the patio until my foster mom comes home for lunch. She plays with me for a few more minutes before I walk her to the door and send her back off to work with a few kisses goodbye. I’ll take another nap, so I don’t count the minutes until her return.

EVENING: Now it is time to go to work. Some might not prefer working the evening shift, but I don’t mind. Somebody has to be neighborhood patrol, and I’m the man for the job! I stand guard at my window post and alert foster dad anytime I see another pup out for a walk. I take a break from neighborhood watch when it’s training time and practice my recall skills, along with “sit” and “wait” before eating dinner. I try not to show off, but I am very smart and tend to pick up new lessons rather quickly.

Afterwards, another play session with my foster brother is in order. Foster mom gets home from work right around this time, and I greet her at the door to tell her all about my day. On occasion, I remember to ask how her day went, too, but am reminded that jumping up is not an appropriate way to do so. I’m told that there is going to be an addition of the human kind to my foster family very soon, so mom and dad are doing their best to introduce and desensitize me to all kinds of new gadgets popping up around the house. Strollers and car seats do look fun, but I think that I’ll stick to my own toys and bones—just no soft toys, since I sometimes mistake these for food. Oops.

When it’s time to start calling it a night, I “help out” with the dishes and laundry chores. I find that standing in the way and delegating is the way to really get things done. Everybody’s gotta do their part, right? Occasionally, I’ll take a nice, warm soak in the bath, which I love! However, those contraptions where the water sprays down on me (“shoe-ers,” I think they’re called), require a bit more of treat bribing. Then, I go for an evening stroll to finish the night off before settling down for some couch cuddles and TV time.

WEEKEND FUN: When the weekends roll around, that’s when the real fun begins! I like to check out places that are dog friendly but not too overcrowded with other pups, especially those small ones. Pet stores, the vet’s office where my foster mom works, and Home Depot are some of my favorite spots, as long as other dogs respect our boundaries and don’t try to approach me. In a time of social distancing, I like to look but not necessarily get too close. When I’m not out and about in public, sometimes we go visit foster grandma and grandpa for a social visit. This family time actually reminds me a lot of my former family, who I loved dearly, but had to leave because of an illness in the family. I still miss them at times, but my foster family is great, and I look forward to, eventually, finding my forever family (hopefully soon!)

If you can see yourself loving life with Fella, please check him out on our adoptables page to learn more about his ideal forever home and to fill out an adoption application:

Written By: Elyse P.

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