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A Day in the Life of Dashing Dante

Fetching Tails often provides snapshots of the adoptable dogs we rescue, but you may wonder what their day-to-day lives in foster care is really like. So here’s the inside scoop on Dante, a big dog with an even bigger heart who’s been searching for his forever home for way too long.

MORNING: I’m definitely a morning guy. When I hear the birds chirp, my day begins, and I woof and whine to let mom and dad know I’m awake and ready to go outside to potty. After I’ve done my business and given the first of many daily kisses, I’m ready for breakfast. And I mean really ready, because I live for mealtime! Once I’ve eaten and chilled for a bit to let my food settle, I take another potty break. Then it’s back to the bedroom to sleep on my dog bed until everyone is ready to get up. Both of my foster parents work from home, and of course they count on me to inspire them. I do this by lying under the desk on mom or dad’s feet while I quietly chew on a bone or Kong or play with my stuffies—2 of my favorite activities. After a short nap (being a muse can be exhausting), it’s time for watch duty, which I repeat in the afternoon and evening. I so enjoy observing the goings on in the neighborhood and monitoring those pesky critters that scurry across the yard. As my foster mom says, who needs a security system when they have me!