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A Day in the Life of Dashing Dante

Fetching Tails often provides snapshots of the adoptable dogs we rescue, but you may wonder what their day-to-day lives in foster care is really like. So here’s the inside scoop on Dante, a big dog with an even bigger heart who’s been searching for his forever home for way too long.

MORNING: I’m definitely a morning guy. When I hear the birds chirp, my day begins, and I woof and whine to let mom and dad know I’m awake and ready to go outside to potty. After I’ve done my business and given the first of many daily kisses, I’m ready for breakfast. And I mean really ready, because I live for mealtime! Once I’ve eaten and chilled for a bit to let my food settle, I take another potty break. Then it’s back to the bedroom to sleep on my dog bed until everyone is ready to get up. Both of my foster parents work from home, and of course they count on me to inspire them. I do this by lying under the desk on mom or dad’s feet while I quietly chew on a bone or Kong or play with my stuffies—2 of my favorite activities. After a short nap (being a muse can be exhausting), it’s time for watch duty, which I repeat in the afternoon and evening. I so enjoy observing the goings on in the neighborhood and monitoring those pesky critters that scurry across the yard. As my foster mom says, who needs a security system when they have me!

AFTERNOON: A play break is definitely needed after a morning of hard work. When it’s nice outside, I run around in my fenced yard—doing zoomies really helps work out the kinks. Playtime is followed by a sun siesta on the patio chaise or, on chilly days, a snooze inside on the couch, carpet or wherever I can catch a little sun to warm me up. Sometimes my foster mom takes me on a mid-day walk, if it’s quiet and we’re unlikely to see other dogs (since I’m dog-reactive). But I’m a real people dog and always look forward to meeting and greeting grown-up humans (I can be too overpowering for kiddos). Once our walk is completed, it’s back to the grindstone for the remainder of the afternoon.

EVENING: The end of the work day means another play session, this time with my foster dad. Then comes my most important job bar none: supervising my folks while they make dinner. Not to brag, but I’m told I’m an excellent culinary assistant/food taster. Foster mom and dad get to eat first, then it’s potty time and dinner for me. I’m learning how to “wait” before I scarf down my food. After dinner, we all like to settle onto the couch for some TV, with me lying across my foster dad’s lap. I know he loves it when I do this because he pets my head, rubs my floppy ears, and mumbles something about me cutting off the circulation in his legs (whatever that means). I’m also an excellent exercise partner and help my foster mom perfect her yoga poses. I mean, who knows how to do downward facing dog better than an actual dog? After some nighttime play, it’s time for one last potty and lights out. I’m proud to say I do not need to be crated at night. I’m content to sleep at the foot of my foster parents’ bed. Okay, I’ll admit to sometimes trying to sneak up onto it and snuggle between them. But for the most part, I’m a good boy and sleep in my bed or on the floor.

WEEKEND FUN: Who doesn’t love yard work? No one does a better job of collecting and distributing sticks around the property—just ask my foster dad. Entertaining visitors is one of my specialties. I’m the host with the most and love to welcome adult friends to our home with sloppy kisses, demanding endless pets in return. And when it comes to holidays (or football season), I’m quite the fashionista. I’ll happily dress up in a Halloween costume, dopey Christmas sweater, Chicago Bears jersey, or any other item of clothing my foster mom finds for me. Nothing is too embarrassing for me to wear. Finally, every once in a while, when the forest preserve is empty (because of my issues with other dogs), I get to go there and run around on a long leash. That’s a really special treat, believe me!

I used to have a family of my own, until they gave me up because dogs weren’t allowed in their new apartment. My fosters are the best, but I’m waiting for that special person or family to make me theirs forever. Paws crossed. If you think you’d like to share your life and love with Dante, please check him out on our adoptables page to learn more about his ideal forever home. He has some very specific requests, but for the right family he is a once in a lifetime special dog! To fill out an adoption application:

Written By: Michele G.

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