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Celebrate National Foster a Pet Month by Joining Our Team!

When you think of admirable professions, dozens of occupations come to mind. Some of which may even convince you that there truly are angels on Earth, walking among us. I certainly feel this way anytime I hear a harrowing story of a Hospice worker, Nurse, Firefighter, etc. Their strength, compassion, and oversized hearts never cease to amaze me. However, there is another group of hard workers that also inspire the same sense of awe and respect: A group of volunteers that do not receive pay or nearly as much recognition as they should. The group that I am talking about consists of those souls that dedicate their lives to bettering the lives of homeless animals. Yes, the group I'm talking about call themselves fosters.

As National Foster a Pet Month, June is a time to acknowledge this special group and share some of their stories. When asked the following questions, here is what a few Fetching Tails Foundation (FTF) fosters had to say: