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Dogs With Treatable Conditions

Say hello to Gretchen!

Gretchen was marked urgent at a shelter. This identification means she could be euthanized if space was needed. Gretchen received this horrible label because she tested positive for Ehrlichia.

Ehrlichia is a tick-transmitted bacteria that primarily affect cells of the animal's immune system. (Click here to read more about it) Ehrlichia is typically treated with 30 days of antibiotics.

Taking care of these pups might mean more time and resources for Fetching Tails Foundation, but this bacterial infection is curable and shouldn't be considered life or death.

We understand some conditions make a dog high risk when sheltered with perfectly healthy dogs. That's why Fetching Tails Foundation will always be there for an adoptable dog regardless of their medical condition.

So, welcome Gretchen, Clementine and Penguin! Look for their profiles on our adoption page!

Sincerely, Kristen Gottschalk Co-Founder | Fetching Tails Foundation

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