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For The Love Of Pits-Foster One!

What if we told you that in return for helping the most misunderstood dogs in need of a second chance, we could offer you lots of sloppy kisses, ear-to-ear smiles, and belly laughs? FTF is seeking foster homes for “pitbull” mixes, a general classification of bulldog and terrier descendants, which includes American Staffordshire Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, and Bull Terriers. Pitties accounted for about 20% of the dogs we rescued last year and are often overlooked for fostering and adoption because of negative stereotypes.

Emily J who has fostered and continued to foster many pitties with us including Moon Pie in this photo

But our volunteers who foster these medium- to large-sized pooches want you to know they have been given a bad rap! Here are some comments about the pitties with whom they temporarily shared their lives:

George R: Pitties are cuddle monsters—clowns with tons of personality who will make you laugh at their antics. Every dog is an individual, and I’ve met shy pitties as well as social butterflies. But every one of them has loved to be cuddled.

Emily J: I love fostering pitties because they are so intelligent and learn quickly, especially when treats are involved. They are the perfect balance of playfulness and couch potato and are very affectionate. They’re happiest when with you and wear their hearts on their sleeves. I will always have a pittie in my home.

Mel G: My family has fostered pitties for 14 years, since I was 5 years old and my sister was 3. Once you get to know pit bull mixes, you recognize how kind-hearted, gentle, loving, sweet, and goofy they are. It truly breaks my heart to see how pitties are being neglected. People need to understand that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners or owners who have failed them.

Brittany C: I have about 1,000 reasons why I love pitties but have narrowed down the list to three. First, they’re hilarious! One minute they have the zoomies, the next they totally crash—out like a light. Second, they’re super cuddly with no sense of personal space. In their opinion, any second where they aren’t touching you is a complete waste of time. And third, pittie smiles and kisses. Absolutely the best.

Can you foster (or adopt) a smiling, loving pittie mix, so that FTF can rescue more of these deserving dogs? If so, please contact us right away so we can match you with a pup who will fit your lifestyle. As our volunteers can attest, it’s a decision you won’t regret!

Written by: Michele G

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