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Plants To Avoid When Creating a Pet-Safe Garden

When researching the topic of poisonous plants, my first thought was, “do dogs know they shouldn’t eat certain plants?” Is there some secret signal they receive to know to avoid the bad ones, like when they randomly growl at certain dogs when out for a walk but are all tail wags for the next one? Turns out some animals use a combination of instinct, experience, and training to avoid certain foods - just like humans. You can call it instinct or experience when a person figures out it’s best not to repeat dinner at that restaurant with the old-world charm, once you’ve experienced the not so fun aftereffects of their “daily special.” And while some dogs are vigilant about not eating what could harm them, we all know those who will eat ANYTHING. So, for the owners of those dogs especially, I’ve created a list of plants your dog should avoid, both in the house and outdoors. Remember, this is a short list of the most common; for more detailed information, including seasonal and holiday poisons of all types and, most importantly, what to do if your dog does eat any toxic plant, check out www.petpoisonhelpline.com.

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